What Tools Do You Need to Create Character Headcanons?

Thorough Research Materials

The key to writing engaging, new character headcanons creator is to do your homework. Having access to its full source material (the books, movies, TV series, whatever), is really helpful. These are the materials that fans often turn to in order to truly understand what makes their favorite characters tick. As an example, someone developing a headcanon for a "Game of Thrones" character may rewatch episodes or draw reference from the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books to attract more detailed information on a character's actions, parentage, and interactions.

Discussion Board and Forums on Community.

Developing character headcanons thrives off of community engagement. Places like Reddit, Tumblr, or pretty much any fan forum each play their part in fans sharing, riffing, and honing their headcanons. In doing so, the idea becomes an improved headcanon and then has become a more deep and attractive headcanon as a result of these interaction. But, according to the data we have from analytics of fan sites, they are quite active in two specific types of threads: threads about character development, and threads about headcanon, of which receive hundreds of new posts and comments every single day.

Creative Writing Tools

Fans will use creative writing tools to make headcanons into reality. Scrivener and other programs that allow more structured writing (or online environments like Wattpad) can be used to pen and distribute headcanon-based fan fiction. These tools include the functionality to create character profiles, plot sketches and chapter management which are designed to handle expansive and coherent narratives.

Digital Art Software

Artistic expression can be transmitted by visual means as well (for such artists the choice of Adobe Photoshop or the free GIMP is necessary) Illustrators, or comics, sketch out the different scenes in their headcanons, giving a visual image of how they view the situation. Also, creating images or art of these characters can be posted online and shared amongst people being part of certain fandoms, or in the case of art, the piece could be uploaded to sites dedicated in showing off peoples art such as DeviantArt, for the rest of the world to see, and give feedback.

Headcanon Generators

Tools such as the character headcanon creator are great for fans new to the concept or those seeking inspiration or merely a starting point for their headcanons. These are generator which offer random prompts to inspire the creativity of your character backgrounds, motivations, and hidden secrets. They are especially sought by writers who are trying to find a way around writer's block, or who want to discover something new about a character.

Note-taking Apps

Headcanon creation relies on good organization of your thoughts and ideas. With Notion apps such as Evernote or on-Senote fans can archive their ideas, search notes and feedback from one specific location. Tagging and search features from these apps can be use for keeping track of multiple character developments and story arcs as well.

Headcanons take form in complicated ways that merge creative storytelling with critical thinking. We have tools for research, communities and forums to develop and share headcanons, creative writing and digital drawing software to depict them — the things we could do to add more years, more stories to our favorite fandom. The combination of these aforementioned tool allow for both headcanon construction, along with headcanon sharing and corebelation within the fan community, and by extension helps us enrich the worlds we love with what becomes headcanon- ironically how and why headcanons grows and even spreads by use of other headcanons.

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